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Kara Firman is a self-proclaimed hair nerd, and can not help but immerse herself in as many of the avenues of the hair industry that she can get her hands and heart into.

She has been a stylist since 2003, but her love of hair started while she was growing up in her Mom's salon.


Kara has competed in live and photo competitions, is a member of the Master Judges Panel of Canada, an educator with L'Oreal Professionnel and sits on the Trade and Apprenticeship Board of Saskatchewan.

She opened GUIDE Hair Salon in 2017 where she has built a successful business and strong team of stylists. Her newest venture The Guild Studios, is a co-working space for Beauty, Fashion and Wellness businesses. It offers private suites, pop-up rentals, education, events and networking.

Education has always been important to her, and with the motto “Never Stop Learning” she has had a successful career behind the chair. No longer working with clients in the salon, Kara has stepped into her role as a leader. She is a passionate advocate for the beauty industry, loves sharing her knowledge and building her business and team.

With her no-ego attitude and the love of all things hair, she will continue to educate and share with others to inspire those in the hair industry.

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