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I would love to share with you the resources below.

These have proven to be very useful for myself and I hope that you enjoy them!


ABACanada Re-Open Document and Client Questionnaire Form 

SalonSafe Document from L'Oreal PPD Canada

L'Oreal PPD UK Back to Business Salon and Self-Employed Support Guide

Daniel Mason-Jones I can't say enough good things about this incredible leader and educator

Passion Squared - I have loved my coaching with Nina and her team

Thrivers Society - Another coaching resouce I am a part of with Britt and her team

Current Guidelines Available for Personal Care Services in Saskatchewan (as of May 14)

Information on Droplet PPE required for Personal Services Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Personal Service Facility Best Management Practices 

PPE/ Infection Prevention and Control 


Rapid Training and Ongoing Coaching for Approprite PPE use 



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